April 26, 2012

Lost Film From Nevada Retrieved

Lake Washoe, NV

Somewhere in the Sierras

Somewhere between California border and Carson City, NV

 Carson City, NV

All Images: January, 2012
Yashica Minister-D

April 24, 2012

Sketches For My Next Project

Explorations of The Facade of Constructed Fantasy
To Come: The Tourism Industry, Resort-Towns, and Landscaping

All Images: Falmouth & Portland, ME. April, 2012
Bronica ETRSi w/50mm f/2.8

April 23, 2012

BFA Thesis Work "Managed Spaces" Finished!

To view the work: www.rayewing.com

Gulf of St. Lawrence Room, Montréal Biodôme
January, 2012
Burke & James 4x5 Press Camera w/Schneider Xenar 150mm f/4.5