April 30, 2012

Facade Project Sketches (Entry # 2)

All Images: Lowe's Garden Center. Scarborough, ME. April, 2012
Bronica ETRSi w/50mm Zenzanon f/2.8 & Minolta Flash

April 29, 2012

Visual Experiments (New Adventures in Photo-microscopy)

Slide: "Hairy Skin (Negro)" - hair follicle

Milkweed Fibers

Burst Egg Cell in Ovary

Seminiferous Tubules, testicle (cross section): spermatogenesis

                               Seal of plastic baggie

Part of the Letter "a" printed on computer paper

Red Blood Cells

Nerve Strands


All Images: Ricoh Singlex TLS w/Pentax Microscope adapter